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Nissan Motor vs. Nissan Computer

Nissan Motor lawsuit against Nissan Computer (named after its founder and current president, Mr. Uzi Nissan) for Trademark Infringement, Trademark Dilution and Cyber-Squatting, seeking 10 Million Dollars in damages. This is after more than 20 years of Mr. Nissan's well-documented prior use of his family name for business purposes in the United States, and which he commenced when the cars were known as DATSUN.
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Nissan Motor's French Connection
The French automaker Renault holds a 44.4% controlling interest in Nissan Motor of Japan. The French government holds about 15% in the French automaker Renault, down from the 25.9% it had previously owned.
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Entrepreneur Media vs. EntrepreneurPR
Entrepreneur Magazine's aggressive efforts to monopolize the word entrepreneur, has forced EntrepreneurPR to change its name to BizStarz in June 2000 and again in July 2003 (despite a unanimous February 2002 ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, that Entrepreneur Magazine's trademark is weak and that it does not have extensive rights to the word entrepreneur).  EntrepreneurPR is appealing again.
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